About Us


 At SMAR Group, we focus on finding the right person for the right job. In addition, we look at the needs of each individual, to help create the conditions that foster innovation and maximize potential. To this end, we encourage our people to work across many different functions, geographies and cultures throughout their careers. 

Your Goal is Our Goal

SMAR Group believes that our clients deserve our best worldwide resources and local market expertise, delivered with the objectivity our independence ensures.  Helping organisations work is, in the end, the fundamental promise we make as a firm. It drives us and, most importantly, is the reason clients trust us to produce better results for them. 


Our aim is to be the most respected specialist, international energy recruitment business. Valued by our clients, candidates and contractors, we put our people at the centre of our business. We encourage everyone to play to position with a shared purpose of being the best we can be at SMAR Group.

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